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Senior Spotlight

There are many advantages to adopting a senior pet.
The most obvious is that what you see if what you get. No surprises on color, length of coat, or size. No "the breeder said my puppy was a 'teacup' Great Dane."
Many older pets have better manners than puppies, especially if they have already spent time with a family before becoming homeless.
Older dogs are usually less destructive.  They don't have the same desire to "search and destory" that most puppies have. 
And many Senior Citizens find an older pet to be more relaxing to spend time with.  Puppies tend to be full of wild energy and ready to run and play and they tend to chomp and chew when they don't have an outlet for all that energy.  A nice slow walk is more the pace for a senior pet.
Do inquire about any known health concerns regarding a senior dog.  Then you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right choice for you and your family.
But the best reason to adopt a senior dog?  They need the love and attention of a forever family, too!

Top Ten Longest Residents

To learn about our wonderful senior pets available for adoption please visit our dogs on the website we use                     
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