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  Get Involved!  

There are many ways to get involved with Second Chance Shelter!

If you like to interact with the dogs you can help with the daily chores of feeding, watering and cleaning kennels.  This is our most important work and has to be done every day, rain or shine.  Perhaps you'd rather spend time helping socialize the dogs who needed to become more comfortable around people or transporting dogs to and from the veterinarian.  If you are an experienced dog groomer there is never a shortage of pups who need a haircut or beauty makeover.  We also need people who are willing to foster a dog in their home until the dog is adopted into their forever home.

There are also chores at the Shelter with less hand-on work with the dogs.  Many of the same jobs you do around your home are necessary at the Shelter, too.  Running errands, weed trimming, washing and vacuuming the Shelter truck, light housecleaning in the office, answering the phone and taking messages...just to name a few!

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We always welcome volunteers!  Have a special skill? Let us know.  No special skills?  No worries!  Our most important work requires only a desire to help. You can find the volunteer application here.​​

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If you enjoy dogs, but don't want to make a long-term commitment, then our Fostering Program may be the perfect fit for you.  Placing a dog in a home while waiting for adoption gives the dog a chance to improve it's social skills with people and/or other pets.  It also helps lessen overcrowding at the Shelter.  You can find the fostering application here.

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Donate / Wish Lists

All non-profits struggle for money and we are no exception.  There is simply never enough.  And there are always items we need that you may have in your basement or garage.  You can learn more about our current needs here.

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When you want to help the Shelter, but can’t adopt or volunteer in person, our Sponsorship Program is a great way to help out.  Sponsorship is $25 a month, and we ask for a six month commitment.  This commitment allows us to better predict our income and budget our resources accordingly.  You can pay once a month or all at once.  Each month you will receive a photo of the dog and a brief letter from  the Shelter.  You can find the sponsorship application here.

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