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About Us

Our Story

Back in 2008 Doug and Wanda McGee would never have imagined how different their lives were about to become. Doug was in his 19th year as a police officer with the Albertville Police Officer. Wanda worked at Bancorp South as a customer service representative. One night in May Doug was filling in at the dispatch desk when a call came in about seven puppies that had been dumped on someone's yard. At that time the City of Albertville was euthanizing around 130 stray, abandoned, or unwanted dogs a month. Knowing the probable outcome for the seven puppies Doug called Wanda. He brought the puppies home and both him and Wanda cared for these babies until they all found loving homes. And the rest, as they say, is history!

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Mission Statement


To create a compassionate shelter where staff and volunteers work together to create an environment where all animals and people are treated humanly.


To create a structured work environment and implement a detailed plan that integrates staff and volunteers to utilize skills, talent and education for maximum benefit.
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