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How do I adopt a dog?

Fill out an adoption application.  The application is available on this web site if you would like to print it and fill it out in advance.  Just be sure you bring it with you when you visit the Shelter.  If you prefer you can fill out an application at the Shelter.

How much does it cost to adopt?

$40  This fee includes spay/neuter and rabies vaccination.

You say all dogs are spayed/neutered before leaving the Shelter.  But I don’t want my dog altered.  Can I get one that hasn’t been spayed/neutered?

No, all dogs leaving Second Chance Shelter MUST be spayed or neutered.  There are no exceptions.  We see firsthand the effects of pet overpopulation and we will not be a part of the problem by adopting out unaltered dogs.

But I want my child to have the experience of a dog having a litter of puppies.  Can’t you please make an exception just this one time?  I promise to have the dog spayed after she has one litter.

No.  If you want your child to have a “puppy experience” consider being a foster home to a pregnant dog from the Shelter.

As a man I just don’t think I could have a dog that has been neutered.  It doesn’t seem manly.  Can’t you make an exception just this once?

No.  Sir, your dog does not have the same psychological attachment to his testicles that you do to yours.  It’s as simple as that.  Besides, only a man can be manly.  A dog can only be...dogly?

Can we bring our children with us to look at the dogs at the Shelter?
Yes, you may bring children, but please keep a few things in mind.  We are an outdoor shelter, which means it is a dirty environment.  It is also very loud.  This is quite overwhelming for many children.  We recommend your first visit to the Shelter be adults only so you can focus on meeting the dogs and deciding which one might make a good addition to your family without the distractions of a frightened child.  You can always return later with your children if you want to introduce them to a dog before you make the final decision to adopt.
We already have a dog.  Can we bring her/him to the Shelter to meet the dog we are considering adopting?

Of course!  Once you narrow your choice to one or two dogs you are most welcome to bring your current dog to the Shelter so they can meet.  Let us know you have brought your dog and would like to introduce it to one of the Shelter dogs.  We will bring the Shelter dog out to you.  Do not bring your dog inside the Shelter fence.

Can I volunteer at the Shelter?
Absolutely! You can submit a volunteer application online or at the Shelter.  The more the merrier!
What does it mean to “sponsor” a dog?
When you want to help the Shelter, but can’t adopt or volunteer in person, our Sponsorship Program is a great way to help out.  Sponsorship is $25 a month, and we ask for a six month commitment.  This commitment allows us to better predict our income and budget our resources accordingly.  You can pay once a month or all at once.  Each month you will receive a photo of the dog and a brief letter from  the Shelter. The application to sponsor a dog can be found here.
Do you have a foster program?

Yes!! Our Foster Coordinator's name is Patti Uhilr. She is working nonstop to provide dogs in need, a foster home to heal and recover. To contact her, email her at

Do you take dogs from the public?
Usually, no.  Most of the dogs at the Shelter come from local animal control departments because these dogs are facing euthanasia.  However, if you feel there are special circumstances concerning a dog you would like us to take contact us directly and discuss the situation with us.  Please understand that while we may want to accept every dog that needs a home we simply can’t.  Sadly, we just don’t have the space or money to take them all.  Re-homing all homeless dogs isn’t something we can do alone.   We need the community to step up and help as well.  You are always welcome to post pictures on our Facebook page of any pet you are trying to re-home.  We have a large fan base and many people have had success finding a home for a pet this way.
I want the Shelter to take a dog, but it’s after hours and the sign says you are closed.  Can I just leave it inside the fence?

No!  To be blunt, this is a terrible idea! This puts the dog in possible danger. It could cause potential danger to other dogs at the shelter. And if we don’t know the dog has been dumped then we don’t know to go looking for a frightened dog the next morning.  (Yes, this has actually happened.)

Also, it’s a very bad idea to dump a dog outside the fence.  We have chased many dumped dogs and we are not always able to find or catch them.  The Shelter is located just off Highway 168 and is not a safe place for a dog to wander freely.

On a personal level it is very frustrating and very stressful to have someone dump several dogs/puppies at dusk around the shelter. Naturally we have to spring into action to try to catch them all.  All the while knowing the person who dumped them went home to a warm, dry bed and thinks they “did right by their dog” by “leaving” it at a no-kill Shelter.  Dumping a dog (even at a shelter)=Bad Karma!

I found a stray dog.  What should I do with it?
First of all, thank you for caring what happens to the dog. 
You have two options.  First, you can try to find the dog a home.  You are always welcome to post pictures on our Facebook page. Or you can call animal control.  Depending on where you live the dog will either be taken to the pound or possibly to Second Chance Shelter.
I have some puppies for sale.  Can I post pictures on the Shelter facebook page?
No.  Only free animals needing a home can be posted on our facebook page.
I am part of a group that is required to do a community service project. Can we volunteer for one day at the Shelter?
Certainly!  Call us and we will help you choose a date and project to work on at the Shelter.
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