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Our Mission Statement

To create a compassionate shelter where staff and volunteers work together to create an environment where all animals and people are treated humanly.

Our Vision Statement

To create a structured work
environment and implement a
detailed plan that integrates staff
and volunteers to utilize skills, talent,
and education for maximum benefit.

Shelter Hours
Monday          9am-4pm
Tuesday          9am-4pm
Wednesday      CLOSED
Thursday         9am-4pm
Friday             9am-4pm
Saturday         9am-4pm
Sunday            CLOSED

March 2024
Noses In: 47
Noses Out: 52

Where they came from: March

Animal Control:  20                           Returned:  7
Stray:  10                                            Other:  4
Owner Surrender:  6


Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved at Second Chance Shelter. Like working with dogs? Perfect! Have a talent for raising money? Fantastic! Got handyman skills? Bring it on! No matter what your abilities are you will fit right in.

Dog of theMonth

Kemo Sabe

Bowser. Male.          2 yrs. Fixed. BD. 9.04.2019. Pic taken 12.02.2021.19.jpg

Some dogs enjoys being with other family pets. Some prefer to be the only pet in the home. These special pups don't like to share your attention and want to be Your One & Only!

The last kid picked for the ball team... that's what it is like for many black dogs in shelters. Black dogs are often overlooked by potential adopters. It is called Black Dog Syndrome or Black Dog Bias and there are many theories as to its cause. But we know color doesn't matter! A loveable dog is a loveable dog. Black is back, Baby!

Abilene. Female.   6 yrs. Fixed. BD. 9.03.2016. Pic taken 4.07.2023.5.jpg

Senior dogs hold a special place in our hearts here at the Shelter! We want each one to have a special forever home to enjoy the rest of their days in comfort and the knowledge that they are loved.

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